Curtain and Blinds Cleaning

Window treatments and drapery can add beauty to your home. But just like your carpet and furniture, the upholstery in your drapes and curtains attracts dirt, soil and even odor. You can test your window treatments by trying the sniff test. Place the fabric to your nose and smell; if it smells stale, or has a bad odor, it’s time to consider having your drapes professionally cleaned.

On Site Drape Cleaning

We provide a thorough drape cleaning process on site at your home. Our expert technicians use a powerful vacuum to thoroughly remove dust from your drapes and curtains. Our dry cleaning process extracts odors from smoke, cooking and dirt, leaving your curtains deodorized and fresh.

Allergy Relief

Having your drapery cleaned can provide more than just aesthetic benefits; it can help allergy sufferers as well. The fabric in your drapes and curtains attracts and keeps airborne allergens such as pollen and pet dander which can cause problems for those with allergy problems. In addition to drapery cleaning, We offers excellent Allergy Relief Services for your bed, carpet and drapes that can have you and your whole family breathing easier.

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